Before the release of Far Cry 3, Ubisoft began publishing a series of YouTube primer videos called the “Island Survival Guides”. In those videos, everything (from terrain to animal species to weapons) was discussed and introduced so that players could dive headfirst into the game once it released. Ubisoft is continuing the tradition with a new series on Far Cry 4’s fictional Himalayan region of Kyrat.

In the first episode, Ubisoft highlights the Lowlands of Kyrat. This will, from the sounds of things, be your starting region in Far Cry 4. This is just one of many biomes you’ll find throughout the game; the multiple biomes was one of the features Ubisoft was keen to discuss at rAge this past weekend.

In addition to the terrain and wildlife, this trailer introduces a new enemy character: Paul Depleur. He’s the leader of Pagn Min’s royal army. You can find all of this in the video after the jump.

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