6 Games I didn’t play at rAge 2014

Damn, rAge 2014 is over. It was one hell of a roller-coaster and definitely the gaming highlight of my year. I played a lot of great games, but as I sit bathed in the glow of my PC screen I realise that I didn’t play everything. Here’s a list of what escaped me, because I like lists.


6: Shadows of Mordor

Wow, but this game was popular at the expo. Between the designated play-area next to Mortal Kombat X, and the systems running at the Xbox stand, someone was always playing Shadows.

One does not simply ignore Mordor
One does not simply ignore Mordor

Except me. I’ve actually got a good reason for this: I know the game is going to rock. It’s already out on shelves, I’m a Lord of the Rings fan, and the game occupies my top spot on my “To Buy” list. Honestly, I didn’t want to ruin any surprises, so I didn’t try the game.

5: Dying Light

I can’t wait for this game! I loved Dead Island, and the gameplay looks intense and fun. But I honestly can’t give a good reason for not lingering at the stand long enough to test this.

It's Mirrors Edge with zombies, what's not to love?
It’s Mirrors Edge with zombies, what’s not to love?

Maybe it’s a similar case as Shadows. I know I want the game, so there’s no need to test it. I also had time to play it, it’s just every time I walked past the stand I kept on walking. I suppose I had a strong idea of how fun it would be, so I instead bypassed this to play something with a bit more mystery.

4: Sports and Racing

If you’re a regular listener to the NAG Online Podcast, then you’re no doubt familiar with my catchphrase. Basically, I didn’t play any sports or racing games because: “I’m not that kind of journalist”.

I have no idea who this man is. Is he, like, the King of FIFA?
I have no idea who this man is. Is he, like, the King of FIFA?

Yeah, I’ve liked some racing games. Yes, I appreciate how yearly sports games help drive the industry and contribute to some technological improvements (better tech = more life-like players). But these two genres are among my least favorites, right down there with whatever the hell Peasant’s Quest is. Wesley loves racing, so he handled those, and the sports games appeal to the crowd that already bought last year’s iteration. So to me, I’d rather go play Bloodborne again.

3: Borderlands: The Pre-sequel

This reason’s easy: the queue was long and I had more important things to do.

5 Bazillion guns, 5 bazillion-mile queue
5 Bazillion guns, 5 bazillion-mile queue

I like Borderlands. The gameplay is fun, the characters zany, and the guns are impressive. Playing this scratches my “Loot Gratification” itch, and feels like I’m constantly winning at gambling. The Pre-Sequel looks like a blast, and I can’t wait to play it. But… that queue was really long.

2: Settlers of Catan

Hey look! A board game!

Star Trek Catan was there too, because of course it was.
Star Trek Catan was there too, because of course it was.

A lot of my pre-rAge coverage was dedicated to board and table-top gaming, so naturally I was eager to try a few. One that has been on my list for years was Catan, so I was a little disappointed when closing-time came and I hadn’t tried it. Luckily, this is for good reason: the board game stand was too busy. There was always a game in progress being demoed, but I always showed up right in the middle of the demo. I’ll get to it one day, but I’m glad so many others played it too.

1: Half-Life 3

Come on, you knew this would be here.

Half Life 3

I think I speak for all of us when I voice my disappointment over this. The signs were all there! The tactical silence, the lack of announcements, and the threads of conspiracy all pointed to a surprise HL3 reveal. Sadly, despite my desperate searching in all corners of the dome, this game was not to be found…


What about you readers? Which of you attended the show, but didn’t get your gamer-paws on everything you wanted? Let us know below, and I’ll see you next year.

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