Ubisoft responds to accusations of console parity for AC Unity


A week ago, Ubisoft and Assassin’s Creed Unity were in the news for the wrong reasons. A comment, made by senior producer Vincent Pontbriand regarding console parity, caused huge backlash against the company and upcoming game. Ubisoft made the decision to lock the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game at 900p and 30fps. Many people interpreted that as Ubisoft gimping the PlayStation 4 version, because to date there have been numerous instances of games running at a higher resolution on PlayStation 4 than they do on Xbox One.

Ubisoft initially fired off a quick response to the furore stating that Pontbriand’s comments were “misinterpreted”. Now, however, they have posted a more thorough response via the Ubi Blog.

“Let’s be clear up front,” the post begins, “Ubisoft does not constrain its games. We would not limit a game’s resolution. And we would never do anything to intentionally diminish anything we’ve produced or developed.”

Pontbriand also uses the post to comment on his previous statements that were misinterpreted. In response to allegations that Ubisoft had purposefully lowered the resolution of the PlayStation 4 version, Pontbriand said, “Absolutely not. We’ve spent four years building the best game we could imagine. Why would we ever do anything to hold it back?” Regarding the previous comments he made, Pontbriand claims that he “simply chose the wrong words when talking about the game’s resolution”.

The rest of the post goes on to list the advancements Ubisoft has made in the series’ presentation. It discusses crowd density as well as co-op and customisation, all of which is meant to provide reason as to why the game is running at 900p on both consoles. The implication is that there’s too much going on in the game to risk forcing console hardware to spit out 1080p to the detriment of the gameplay experience.

You can read the full post over on Ubisoft’s blog.

Source: Ubi Blog