Last week Friday, developer Cloud Imperium held a Star Citizen convention in Los Angeles. Citizen Con 2014 included a presentation of the latest version of the game by company founder Chris Roberts. That presentation was live streamed over Twitch.

Now that the convention is over, some of the footage from the presentation has made it online. In this 10 minute gameplay segment, you’ll see one of Star Citizen’s larger class of ships (a Constellation with crew members!) come out of warp and proceed to land on a planet. It ticks all the right boxes for “space simulator fantasy”, including entering the atmosphere from space, hailing the planet to request permission to dock, and piloting through an expansive, science-fiction city. Basically, science fiction nerds are going to love this.

There are moments when the footage lags and skips, but that you can attribute to streaming issues and not game engine glitches. If you want to watch the entire presentation, then you can head over here. Alternatively, the best bits of gameplay can be found in a 10 minute video after the jump.

Via: Polygon

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