Recent Civilisation‘s intro sequences were optimistic ruminations on the strengths and achievements of humankind, imbued with a sense of grave majesty thanks in part to Morgan Sheppard’s incredible voice over. Sid Meier’s Civilisation: Beyond Earth has received the same treatment with their newly revealed opening cinematic for the game, and what it lacks in Morgan’s hopeful tone in humanity’s grand design it makes up for in poignancy of the here and now.

There’s also some amusing bits, like how US Mission Control starts celebrating before their colony spacecraft have actually taken off (Maybe wait until they’ve escaped Earth’s atmosphere before starting the Americlap, guys.). Also, the impact is slightly ruined by the sleek call to action to pre-order exoplanet DLC at the very end. You may escape to the stars, but you can’t escape sneaky marketing practices to promote early sales.

Regardless, hit the jump for the video.

Source: YouTube

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