The Entertainment Software Association, (the industry’s largest grouping of publishers and gaming companies that includes EA, Nvidia, Activision Blizzard, Sega, Capcom and many, many more) has for the first time spoken out against the movement known as GamerGate.

Speaking to the Washington Post, when asked specifically how the ESA felt about GamerGate, a spokesperson said: “Threats of violence and harassment are wrong. They have to stop. There is no place in the video game community—or our society—for personal attacks and threats.”

The Washington Post was quizzing the ESA in light of recent events surrounding Anita Sarkeesian’s cancelled talk at the Utah State University. Sarkeesian and the university authorities were forced to cancel the talk after an extremely threatening email promised the massacre of those attending. The police were powerless to prevent people from bringing concealed weapons into the venue, as this is protected by state law provided the individual has a permit.

Over the past few months, the GamerGate movement has been the subject of much debate within the gaming industry. The movement began as a response to so-called unethical games journalism, even though the unethical journalism in question (regarding Depression Quest developer Zoe Quinn) never actually happened. The movement has since been regarded as a hate campaign against woman in the gaming industry. The Twitter hash tag #StopGamerGate2014 has been gaining momentum.

Source: The Washington Post

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