NAG Online Podcast Episode 12

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Welcome to the NAG Online Podcast! This is our first rAge Expo edition, which we didn’t record at the expo but the week after, on Wednesday evening. If you’d like to listen in live to Chris’ ranting about pidgeons not being sexy or fowl-minded, or Rick laughing about how evil he is, or Delano introducing us to new games in his extremely large Steam library (not a euphemism) that we’ve never played before or Matthew talking about mallets being handed to politicians, you can follow these instructions on the NAG Forum thread about listening live to our podcast. Once rAge fever finally subsides, we’ll have this up on Thursday morning instead of Friday. Thankfully we no longer have audio sync issues, so that helps!

NAG Online Podcast Overview:

Episode 12: rAge Edition, recorded on 01 October 2014

Hosts introduction: Wesley Fick, Mark Del, Matthew Fick, Rick De Klerk, Chris Kemp

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rAge Expo 2014:

05:00 rAge 2014 Discussion

07:00 Evolve! (the darned impressions article still needs to be finished, will be up later)

21:30 rAge 2014: Interview with Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis

27:00 rAge 2014 Giblets – The Order: 1886 impressions

33:00 rAge 2014 Hands-On: Mortal Kombat X

39:40 rAge 2014 Hands-on: Super Smash Bros Wii U

54:50 rAge 2014: Creed vs Creed

On NAG Online:

1:03:00 The Podcast Challenge: Hatoful Boyfriend

What Are You Playing?

1:20:10 Delano: Dreamkiller (only distributed through Torrents following Mindware’s closing in 2009, Aspyr no longer owns publishing rights)

Matthew: Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

Wesley: Killing Floor (free for this weekend!)

Chris: Hatoful Boyfriend (ITS NOT A BLOODY GAME YOU MORONS!)

Rick:  Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor

Scientists have made zombie pigs, and this is how everything ends