Giblets: Halo: Master Chief edition Day 1 patch is 20GB

So, just in case you didn’t read Chris’ This Week in Gaming just like I frequently forget to (and have him chide me on the Podcast for it), I’d like to remind everyone that Halo: Master Chief Collection is launching for Microsoft’s latest console worldwide on 11 November 2014, with some other countries following later in the week and it comes with a whopping – wait for it – 20GB day one patch. The patch adds in content that developer 343 Industries just couldn’t fit onto a single Blu-Ray disc and will include new content that has never been released for the games included in the collection before, like new maps for Halo 2 Multiplayer.

If you’re doing this on a 2Mb/s ADSL connection, running the download 24/7 would result in a total time of around 26 hours. Eish!

Source: Twitter