Orena re-launches website, schedules spectator LAN


Local competitive gaming website Orena has undergone some changes. When first launched, the website set out to promote local competitive gaming, but with a view of becoming the place for spectators to congregate and watch local matches. That goal hasn’t changed, but now the team behind Orena has relaunched the website with a list of upcoming events for the local eSports scene running from the end of this year and into 2015.

To coincide with the launch of their new website, Orena is hosting “South Africa’s 1st spectator-based competitive LAN event”, which has been dubbed the Life Child Invitational. Taking place at the Life Church Centre in Sea Point, Cape Town, the event is being hosted by Orena and SteelSeries, with a FIFA console competition being sponsored by us lot here at NAG and the ZombieGamer crew. It all goes down from 20-22 November.

The Life Child Invitational will feature Counter-Strike: Global Offense and Dota 2 tournaments. Console gamers can participate in the NAG-sponsored 64-player FIFA tournament for a shot at a R5,000.00 in prize money.

Co-hosts and sponsors SteelSeries is selling T-shirts and raffle tickets for a Mystery Box; proceeds will go towards raising prize money for the CS: GO and Dota 2 PC tournaments. “We have supported Orena before in the past year,” said local SteelSeries representative Alan Spohr. “It’s clear to see that the general idea and focus from the team is strong on building eSport within South Africa, a principle that fits well in line with the SteelSeries culture. South Africa’s gaming community is growing and eSports is ready to explode. SteelSeries are excited to be part of this gaming evolution. This said, the principle we have worked on with Orena, allows for the whole community to get involved, with the Prize pool fully dependent on their support. We wish all those competing the best of luck and may the best team win.”

For more details on this event and to sign up for one of the three tournaments that will be taking place over the weekend go to the Orena website.