Well now, it’s been about two months since we’ve heard the Call of Duty Hype Train’s ear-piercing whistle, so here’s the official “gameplay launch trailer” to make sure we remember there’s a new CoD coming in early November.

I’m assuming that the video’s “gameplay launch trailer” label indicates that we’re going to see more than one “launch trailer”. Up next will likely be the “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Official Story Launch Trailer”, which will be followed by the “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Official Multiplayer Launch Trailer”. If we’re lucky we’ll get a “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Official Kevin Spacey Launch Trailer” as well.

You can check it out after the jump. While it makes for your typical launch trailer stuff (complete with raspy alternate rock backing track, a “hu-rah!” and liberal doses of bullet-bullet-guns) you got to admit this looks like the most interesting single-player CoD campaign since Black Ops. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for bullet-bullet-guns and Kevin Spacey?

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