If you’ve been following the furore surrounding the long-dead Star Wars: Battlefront 3, then you’ll know that it’s a sordid tale that dates all the way back to 2008. Heck, it goes back even further to 2006 because that’s when development of the ill-fated game actually kicked off.

Fast forward eight years and the Internet is still fawning over the long-lost title, trying to imagine what might have been had LucasArts and developer Free Radical Design not wanted to punch each other in the face.

There’s been leaked pre-alpha footage before, but a curious upload to YouTube has unveiled another 30 minutes of very rough gameplay. The two new videos show off further pre-alpha footage, so there’s a lot of placeholder items and missing textures. You can check it out for yourself after the jump. After that take solace in the fact that EA and DICE are reviving the franchise. We’ll probably see a lot more at E3 next year. Possibly. Maybe. Don’t quote me on that. If it’s true, then totally quote me on that.

Via: Polygon

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