I was really, really hoping that Cloudgate was the codename given to humanity’s top-secret attempt to accurately recreate BioShock Infinite‘s floating city of Columbia in real life. Alas, it’s not meant to be. I’m officially ready to retreat into the wilderness, never to be seen again now that all my hopes and dreams of living in a cloud-borne dystopia have been dashed. As a backup, I was also secretly hoping that it was another one of those conspiracies suffixed with “gate”, in which a clandestine society of Cloud People were preparing to invade Earth with their fluffy white sky-armada. Sadly, this also proved untrue.

It turns out that Cloudgate, in reality, is nothing more than a… oh wait, this thing’s pretty cool too. DAY SAVED.

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So, Cloudgate is essentially a hybrid PC that’s powered by Android (and delivers all the benefits of Google’s OS), but can also be used to run Windows applications like any other PC. Unlike most PCs, however, it’s impressively portable and costs just R1,999. Here’s how Cloudgate themselves describe it:

“Cloudgate is a palm-sized computer, running Google’s Android operating system, that has changed the way desktop computing works. Plug it into any HD monitor or TV screen, add a keyboard and mouse, provide a basic Internet connection and you have a computer for work, home or play. The device costs R1,999. Our website is www.cloudgate.co.za.”

They’ve also provided some specifications for the machine:

  • Quad-core 1.6GHz processor
  • 8GB solid-state storage
  • 2GB high speed RAM
  • Full HDMI output
  • 3/4 x USB
  • RJ45 for Ethernet
  • Built-in Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
  • Mini-SD storage
  • Solid-state with no moving parts
  • 10 watts of power

The fine folks at Cloudgate have generously provided us four of these nifty hybrid PCs to offer you the chance to win. All you need to do to get yourself in the running is leave a comment below. We’ll randomly draw winners on the 3rd of November, and dish out free happiness to EVERYONE.

Until then, have some more photos of your potential prize! Also, in case you missed the above links, here’s the official site.

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