Civilisation Beyond Earth

While Firaxis Games gears up for Civilisation: Beyond Earth‘s launch taking place in just two day’s time, 2K Games has been pushing Aspyr Media, the company doing the port of Beyond Earth to Linux and Mac platforms, to launch the game before the end of the year. Aspyr yesterday revealed that the game was on schedule and would come with bonuses for Mac and Linux gamers.

Civilisation: Beyond Earth will be distributed through Steam for both platforms and will additionally be available to purchase through Apple’s Mac App Store and  will be hitting the interwebs in “Holiday 2014” according to Aspyr vice president of publishing, Elizabeth Howard.

“The teams from Firaxis and 2K have done an astounding job of expanding on the core Civ experience in Beyond Earth. It’s exciting for us to be able to bring the same experience to Mac and Linux users everywhere,” said Howard.

While the ports of the game are still in progress, you can already pre-order it as a Steam code at Aspyr’s online portal, If you haven’t bought the game already, the Linux and Mac versions be compatible with Steamplay and they’ll also come with the Exoplanets map pack for free. If you’re a GameAgent member, you also get 25% off the pre-order price (so this is a really cheap way to get around the $49.99 launch price of the Windows version).

One thing that is still up in the air, though, is the game’s support for the Mantle API. It’s already ready and baked in for the Windows version, but Mac and Linux platforms don’t have a Mantle renderer of their own yet because AMD’s still working on it. When it does eventually pop out, you’ll be able to use the Mantle render path instead of OpenGL to see a smoother framerate and better utilisation of resources in low-end machines.


Source: Aspyr Media

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