While Nvidia is whipping up a storm thanks to the Big Maxwell graphics cards, AMD is trying to downplay it as much as possible by dropping prices of its products everywhere. The latest cuts come to the APU family and will start in the US and Canada, slowly making their way to other parts of the world eventually. The quad-core A10-7850K drops $37 to fall to $143, the A10-7800 sheds $32 to drop to $133, the A10-7700K drops from $160 to $123, the A8-7600 sees a small decrease from $110 to $92 and the dual-core, unlocked A6-7400K drops from $85 to $58, making it the best-value budget chip underneath the Intel Pentium G3258.

AMD says these price cuts are permanent and will be the new recommended retail price moving forward. I hope we see them soon because I’d like to have more APUs in my Builder’s Guide again. Seeing a A10-7850K for almost the same price as a Core i5-4690K breaks my heart.

Source: Tech Report

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