UPDATE: the new content is live and will automagically download next time you launch; it’s 2.7 GB.

For the six of you in South Africa who are playing Titanfall, Respawn has announced that an upcoming content update will bring a Horde more called Frontier Defense.

Frontier Defense will put four players together to battle increasingly difficult waves of AI-controlled enemies. Respawn has said that we can expect new enemy types alongside some variations of Titans and Spectres. In the demo that was streamed by Respawn over Twitch, Militia forces had to protect a harvester from IMC attack. Players were able to deploy fixed turrets and swap their weapon loadouts at Loadout Crates found near the specific defence objective. If you’re killed, you get flown back into the fray, but you can also fire down on the battle from the safety of the drop ship.

This Game Update #8 brings a metric ton of other stuff aside from the new co-op gameplay. There’s all sorts of bug fixes and new graphics options for those playing on PC. You can read the full list of content over on the Titanfall website, which details everything except for a release date.

Now that the Xbox One is officially available, getting a copy of Titanfall is really easy. You can switch your store region on Xbox One; switching to US will allow you to purchase Titanfall directly from your console. A word of warning: some local credit cards don’t work on the US store, so if you’re out of luck then you can always head over to this website to purchase a download code instead. This is how I got a copy of Titanfall for PC.

Source: Respawn

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