Before Apogee became 3D Realms, their name was synonymous with the shareware scene in the early-to-mid 90’s. Now, they’re offering some of their most acclaimed titles for sale in a massive anthology with no less than 32 classic games packaged inside a pretty sweet deal.

The 3D Realms Anthology is a rather beefy collection, including great oldies like Commander Keen, Wacky Wheels, Terminal Velocity, Rise Of The Triad and the original Duke Nukem trilogy. Notably absent entries include Max Payne, Prey and Duke Nukem Forever. Licensing and ownership issues are no doubt at work here, and while we can forgive the exclusion of the latter, the two former entries will indeed be missed. Though, they would nonetheless be at odds with the otherwise “retro” theme of the rest of the package.

Best of all, everything comes bundled with a custom-made Windows launcher, ensuring that compatibility on modern versions of Windows is not an issue. Grab the goods for a measly $19.99.

Soure: 3D Realms

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