While the GamerGate fiasco continues to bully its way across the industry, one company has been completely caught in the crossfire: online game store That all-important “s” in the middle there is what to look out for.

According to company CEO Theodore Bergqvist, has fielded constant threats and harassment ever since the GamerGate movement began drawing negative attention. In early October, the website was unreachable for many, and it was suspected that the company had been a victim of a DDoS attack.

CEO Bergqvist has had to issue a press release that, in no uncertain terms, distances the company from the GamerGate movement; something Bergqvist refers to as a “fierce and infected discussion”. You can read the full statement below.

Announcement: GAMERSGATE.COM is NOT Gamergate!

As many of you are aware of, recently there has been a fierce and infected discussion about sexism as well as journalistic ethics in the gaming industry. We’ve received threats and harsh words from around the world and want to make it clear for everyone that is not part of this controversy whatsoever.

Next year celebrate our 10th anniversary and since start we have been selling games for download. We are one of the original download platforms and we do our best to support gamers so that they can buy and download games to good prices. Anytime, anywhere.

Theodore Bergqvist. CEO –

Via: Polygon

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