Have you played Alien: Isolation yet? No? Well why not?! “Because I don’t own it” is not a valid excuse. We’d like to rectify your failure to play the finest Alien game in existence by offering you the chance to win a free copy of it, along with a bunch of cool Alien: Isolation goodies and a pair of (somehow completely unrelated) Blu-ray films.

This is a good thing, because free stuff makes any already-awesome Friday even better.

So, as has been made abundantly clear in both the headline and the text above, Ster Kinekor Entertainment has very kindly given us two Alien: Isolation hampers to give away to two lucky readers. The hampers contain a T-shirt, key ring, lanyard and 8GB flash drive, all appropriately themed around Alien: Isolation. Should you win, you’ll also find one of two Blu-ray movies in the hamper: either Europa Report or The Host. The movie you get will be decided at random by the Deities of Chance.

Most importantly, the hampers will each contain a copy of Alien: Isolation on your platform of choice.

If you’d like the chance to win such delicious things, leave a comment below. Please also let us know the platform on which you’d prefer to play the game.

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