Watch This: opening cinematic for The Witcher 3


Alright, so a one Mr. Kemp managed to sneak this into his “This Week in Gaming” post already, but because we’re such giant, super, unremitting Witcher fans, we felt that the newly released cinematic deserved its own post.

To be clear: this is the game’s opening cinematic and not some new trailer. If you don’t want things spoilt (there’s honestly not that much to be spoilt if you’ve already played the previous two games) and would prefer to head into The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt totally blind, then this is the point at which we part company. Have a wonderful day and goodbye!

The rest of you lot can follow me past the jump to watch a surprisingly gory but really well done cinematic.

As all Witcher fans know by now, Geralt is still looking for his “long lost love” Yennefer. During this opening cinematic you’ll see Geralt and his witcher mentor Vesemir hot on the trail of Yennefer as she finds herself caught in the midst of various events in Temeria.

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