The wise, reclusive mountainfolk of Kyrat live their lives according to a powerfully poignant saying. “It matters not if you are ready for November. November is always ready for you.” Drink that in for a moment.

Okay, so it’s not actually particularly poignant and it’s weirdly date-specific, but the Kyratians swear by it nevertheless. And it’s especially pertinent right now, because November is rapidly approaching and WE ARE NOT READY.

That, and we’ve got Far Cry 4 on the cover of our November issue. Kyrat will never be the same again.


Naturally, we’re all about them snowy mountain kingdoms this month, because snowy mountain kingdoms are the best at offering opportunities to draw hungry cats to enemy encampments using squishy chunks of meat. And also elephants. Always elephants. Forgetting the mad ramblings for a moment, doesn’t Far Cry 4 look grand? That 20 November release date feels disappointingly far away. We’ve had some more hands-on time with the game, and we’re ready to deliver the details.

Elsewhere, we travelled many kilometres (like two, maybe three) to visit rAge, our very own Expo to End All Expos, which we’d forgotten was happening until rAge Friday, when we got an angry early-morning call from a mob of people queuing outside the Dome, anxious to get a crack at delicious nerdy goodness. Apologies, angry mob – it won’t happen again. Since we were there anyway, we had a look around and were so impressed that we stayed the whole weekend. Many words were written chronicling our many wondrous rAge experiences. Read them.

This month, we have a grand total of zero previews. At least officially. Unofficially, we have many more than zero thanks to our Future Proof feature, wherein we handily detail – in rapid-fire fashion – all the hottest upcoming games that you should be mentally bookmarking in order to ensure the presence of future-fun for yourself.


Reviews are hot hot hot, with verdicts on some of the year’s biggest and best games crammed into the pages of this issue. Forza Horizon 2 races through the hills and valleys and dirty city streets of NAG’s collective heart – which is to say it’s quite lovely. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is a game about killing hundreds (thousands? MILLIONS?) of Uruk-hai indiscriminately (somewhat indiscriminately) and having a great time doing it. There’s also some Lord of the Rings in there somewhere. Alien: Isolation is specifically designed to relieve you of various bodily fluids, even when the xenomorph’s not around. Super Smash Bros. is every bit the Smash you were hoping it would be. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel gets us lootin’ all day, every day, and Hyrule Warriors is Legend of Zelda where all the Legend of Zelda is replaced with mountains of steroids.

Boy, do we have all the hardwares for you this month. Hyper-expensive audio equipment, awesome digital television solutions, yummy GPUs, essential gaming peripherals and more can be found crammed into our hardware section.


If this tickles your interest glands, be sure to look out for the magazine on store shelves this Thursday, the 30th of October. It’s our post-rAge issue (which means rAge happened right in the middle of our magazine deadline), so we’d like you to know that an obscene amount of blood, sweat, tears and other fluids went into its making. In other words: THAT WAS HELLISH AND WE’RE SO GLAD IT’S OVER. We do it because we love you. Head on over to Zinio if you’d like your magazine to be 100% paper free.

Please note that due to Unfortunate Circumstances, the November issue will arrive one week late (the 6th of November to be exact) in Bloemfontein, Klerksdorp and Bethlehem.

Let’s look at our colourful cover’s many delights together. When we’re done, there’s also a contents page to enjoy.


Click here for the contents PDF [345KB]

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