Valkyria Chronicles, the exclusive squad-based turned-based third-person tactical RPG, made a bit of a splash when it landed on the PS3. For those that aren’t aware, Valkyria Chronicles is set in an alternate history Europe, in which WWII-era technology and weaponry is mixed with a bit of mysticism. As nations come to blows over a precious resource, Ragnite, the small independent nation of Gallia is thrust into the the fray.

The game mixes turn-based movement with third-person shooter mechanics and relies heavily on positioning and ensuring the correct use of your troops, all who improve over time and have several characteristics, throughout the course of the campaign.

Critically acclaimed for both its unique artistic presentation and putting a spin on the turned-based RPG genre, the game nevertheless failed to sell well in its initial launch window, only picking up thanks to a significant price drop. Well, Valkyria Chronicles is getting second call to arms; a sharp-eyed NeoGAF scout marked the position of a PC rating on the Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) website, the European rating body for video games, with a release date of the 16th October. Wait, what?

Don’t let the release date confuse you; it was likely required for rating purposes. While initially rumour, Sega have since confirmed the release on their official Twitter account.

I consider Valkyria Chronicles to be one of the most important games of the last generation, and I’m stoked that I’m going to be able to revisit it on PC. Despite its age, its sketch-like art direction has probably helped it stand against the graphical ravages of time. What about you? Damn straight, or too late?

Source: NeoGAF, Twitter

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