We recently had an incident on episode 13 of the NAG Online Podcast where we unfairly misrepresented one of our competition sponsors, CloudGate, and their product offering. This was a gross failing both in providing an unbiased platform for our sponsors as well as NAG’s responsibility to accurately report on the product’s specifications, intended use and target market for our readers, who look to our writers for fair and balanced reporting.

For that I – and the entire NAG team – profusely and humbly apologise, and would like to indicate we are in the process of implementing several changes to the podcast’s format and planning that will prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

More importantly, we want to address the discussion and incorrect statements made.

On the assumption that this device could be capable of installing Windows or Windows applications, I apologise. I believed that this was similar to those Google Chromebook devices that can have Windows installed on them with some trickery, but clearly I was in the wrong here.

For our readers, CloudGate computers only run the Google Android operating system and the only way you’d be able to run Windows applications is by using CloudGate’s service to run a remotely hosted instance of a Windows virtual machine to run your applications over the Internet.

On the assumption that CloudGate is capable of playing games in a manner akin to a desktop or nettop PC, we’re sorry that we assumed it was capable of this. I see now that it is capable of playing games downloaded from the Google Play Store. Again, if I’d done my homework on the machine this could’ve been avoided.

What I’d really like to apologise for is the way we represented it and talked about its value. Our intent was not to misrepresent the product, but that’s clearly no excuse and in no way absolves us of our responsibility nor does it reduce the severity of the errors we made. As a result, we have removed episode 13 of the podcast.

Of equal importance is the (wholly deserved) loss of faith this could incur from our listeners. We’ve always aimed for a particularly high standard in our work, and in this instance we failed.

Again, on behalf of NAG, I wholeheartedly apologise.