The Colbert Report covers GamerGate


If you’re a gamer online, there’s very little chance that you’ve not heard of what will be remembered as the defining moment for gaming in 2014: the infamous GamerGate. It’s a controversial movement, one which has resulted in several women — reviewers, critics and developers — being subject to death threats, online harassment and general unpleasantness in a quest for, “ethics in video game journalism”.

It grabbed the public media’s attention when the New York Times ran a story on their front page, and since then there’s been a series of mainstream interviews with the likes of Zoe Quinn who was subject to a hit-piece by an ex-boyfriend, the catalyst to the whole sordid affair.

Now comedian slash political satirist slash media critic slash AMERICAN F’ YEAH Stephen Colbert has taken GamerGate on, interviewing Anita Sarkeesian on his topical evening show, The Colbert Report. The show has an average of 1.2 million viewers for any given episode, so it has widespread appeal and reach and — given the nature of the interview — was probably not  how proponents of GamerGate would have preferred the narrative to be presented.

You can see the full segment after the jump, and while there are some issues (His reliance on a number of gamer stereotypes were at odds with his usually incisive, on-point wit. “Separate but equal games” was brilliant, though.) it nevertheless drives home the point that the general perception of GamerGate’s activities is seen to be at odds with its stated goal of ethics in video game journalism.

Source: Polygon

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