Youtube is switching things up a bit by finally enabling 60fps video support for new video uploads and uploads where the source video was already over 30fps. Its a tricky thing to get working properly in all browsers, but if you’re using the latest versions of Chrome or Safari, you can check it out already. Load up the video in either browser and set the streaming quality option for 720p60 or 1080p60, depending on what your internet connection can muster. Make sure its in full screen as well.

Digital Foundry recorded this video thanks to Naughty Dog’s assitance and they’ve referred back to it many times when addressing the “30fps is more cinematic” myth. As development of this feature improves, Youtube will enable HTML5 60fps playback for videos on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera as well. Any other browser support is not guaranteed and there’s little chance of seeing this on mobile devices either.

Because Youtube doesn’t support embedding for 60fps videos just yet, you’ll have to click on the link to watch the video on Youtube’s site itself.

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