Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata appeared at a conference during Paris Games Week to show off an amazing tech demo of the game, focusing on the power of the new Luminous engine. The video showcased the game’s day/night cycle, weather, facial simulation technology, terrain editor, animation, artificial intelligence, and particle visual effects. If you weren’t already excited for another grandiose entry in the JRPG franchise, hit the jump to get excited.

Unfortunately, the videos have not officially been released by Square Enix as of yet. Luckily YouTuber Mika IIM was at the event and uploaded the content (albeit poor-quality screen recordings of it) for all to see:

Hopefully an official release will follow shortly so we can see the game’s tech in all its glory. A playable demo of the game has been scheduled for release in March 2015 and will make use of an updated version of the Luminous engine displayed above.

Source: DualShockers

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