A first-person shooter mode was announced for Star Citizen sometime back, but aside from a brief teaser, we haven’t seen much. Development team Illfonic is heading up the creation of this portion of the space sim. Their work was debuted at PAX Australia, which took place this last weekend.

There’s a full, nine-minute presentation that was demoed live at PAX complete with Chris Roberts in military uniform. You can find it after the jump. Mind out for the, frankly, cringe-worthy “radio chatter” between the four-player co-op team demoing the game mode.  If you can get past that then there’s a lot to appreciate, even if the controls and reticule bob look to be a little “floaty”.

Speaking of “floaty”, towards the end of the demonstration you’ll get to see the anti-gravity shooter components as well. Think the space station zero-G bits of Sandra Bullock’s Gravity, but with guns.

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