Evolve gets new Trapper called Abe


Our friends over at IGN have the skinny on a third Trapper class heading to asymmetrical multiplayer shooter Evolve. Abe is quite a bit different to his other fellow Trappers Maggie and Griffin in that his focus is on the long-term trapping. While he still makes use of the Mobile Arena to keep the Monster pinned in the immediate area, he swaps out the harpoon-type weapons for a Stasis Grenade. While Monsters are able to break tethers from harpoons in order to escape, once Abe’s Stasis Grenades go off, there’s pretty much no escaping them.

The Stasis Grenades can be lobbed directly at the Monster, or scattered about the level like proximity mines. In addition to Stasis Grenades to keep monsters pinned, Abe has a Tracking Dart in case the Monster manages to escape. What’s neat is that you can tag wildlife with the darts as well, and if the Monster eats tagged wildlife, the tracker dart sticks to the Monster instead.

Finally, Abe’s primary weapon is a rapid-fire shotgun. It’s extremely powerful but the caveat is its range. This means you’ll have to get up close and personal with Monsters in order to do any meaningful damage. That’s not ideal because it opens Abe up to getting ripped to pieces, and if he goes down then the Mobile Arena goes down too.

Abe seems like he’s going to be a tricky class to master, but definitely one that’ll prove invaluable when it comes to locating and containing the Monster. You can check out Abe in action below in a narrated round of Evolve.

Source: IGN Africa