The Sims 4 pool update is live


Good news, Sims nerds: the free content update that brings pools back to The Sims 4, is now live and ready for you to download via Origin. It weighs in at just under 300MB.

Towards the end of June this year, EA and Maxis made the unpopular announcement that pools and toddlers had been cut from the game. They tried to follow up that announcement by saying the cut content helped them to make a better Sims 4. Shortly after the game released, EA announced that pools would make a return via a free content update.

You wanted pools and now you’re getting them along with some extremely powerful swimming pool creation tools. You can build pools wherever the hell you want to now, including on top of a roof. Infinity pools? Yep, those are there too. You can check it all out in the video below.

Have fun drowning your digital people! I know I will…