NAG Online Podcast Episode 14

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In this fourteenth episode of the NAG Online Podcast, we’ve changed things up a bit. We have a different setup of hosts, different topics to talk about and a different structure to follow. Will this work? Will people like it? Can we do better? That’s a question for you, readers and listeners, to answer for us. In the meantime, here’s episode 14 of the podcast featuring myself, Rick and Lauren Das Neves, NAG Online overlord.

NAG Online Podcast Overview:

Episode 14, recorded on 05 November 2014. See how you can listen live here!

Hosts: Wesley Fick, Rick de Klerk

From HQ: Lauren Das Neves

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01:18 Introduction of Lauren and a quick trip through her background

We made a boo-boo:

04:08 An apology to Cloudgate


06:16 WIN: Movies! Four of them! On DVDs!

WIN: one of two Alien: Isolation hampers

WIN: The Evil Within and a bunch o’ evil goodies

Behind the curtain:

09:38 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Megarom and Internet Solutions Multiplayer event

Stuff happening in gaming:

17:51 Evolve Alpha discussion

28:13 Watch: GTA V’s new first-person mode for PC, PS4 and XBO

32:10 50gb+ Downloads: does brick and mortar have new life with the advent of next gen?

40:11 Platform parity: 30fps more cinematic, Evil Within PC performance locked – what’s the real deal behind limiting performance?