Splatoon promises colourful 4-vs-4 action


Splatoon is beginning to look awesome. Yesterday, Nintendo held another Nintendo Direct presentation during which the 4-versus-4 multiplayer shooter was given a moment to shine. Said shining came via a new trailer, which you can find in all its ink-soaked, colourful, squid-ey glory after the jump.

The Wii U exclusive is out in “early 2015” and will also feature a single-player component for those who shun online interaction with actual people.

Splatoon was playable at this year’s rAge. Did you get a chance to try it out? Many couldn’t get past the Wii U Game Pad’s motion controls for aiming, but we’re pretty sure you won’t have to use that controller set up; the Wii U Pro Controller (Nintendo’s more traditional, twin-stick controller) will likely work just fine, especially considering it’ll be needed for 1-versus-1 local multiplayer.

Local multiplayer will be quite different to the main 4-versus-4 mode, and Nintendo is still ironing out the finer details. What they have revealed so far is that one player will use the Game Pad and screen, while the second player uses the Pro Controller and TV screen.