Win! A ridiculous amount of games

Do you love games? Of course you do! And so do we, but, being the rockstar games journalists that we are, we’ve developed a bit of a storage problem over the years, to the tune of over 750 games. Review games have come in from various sources and for the most part, those games have stayed in our office.

Now it’s Cleanin’ Time. We dug through the piles and took everything that we want, and the rest is up to you. We’re giving ten lucky winners the opportunity to come to the NAG office, join us for a boerewors roll and a Creme Soda, hang out and play some arcade games with us, and leave with a giant box filled with games.


[This competition is now closed and a winner has been selected]

The vast majority of these games are on PC, from an era when games were awesome but probably didn’t require online authentication. We also have a bunch of PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, and a few other bits and pieces. We make absolutely no guarantee that any of these games will work, but they probably will. Maybe. Probably. Some of these games are thoroughly used, some are still sealed. You can trade them amongst yourselves afterwards but that’s entirely up to you.

You’re entering a competition to win a randomly pre-selected (by us) box of about 75 games.

To enter, simply leave a comment below. You must be able to attend The NAG Games Giveaway Shindig at our office in Fourways (Jo’burg) on Thursday the 20th of November from 2-4pm. We won’t ship your games (or wors rolls and/or Creme Soda) to you. Don’t be lazy. Come here and be sociable.

Winners will be randomly chosen and notified by email on the morning of Tuesday the 18th of November. You’ll be required to confirm your attendance within 24 hours, otherwise we’ll kick you out and choose someone else.

Good luck, and let’s get this party started!

Thanks folks, entries are now closed! Winners have been notified! It’s all over!

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