5 Things I did instead of my Podcast Challenge

Excuses, excuses, excuses…

We’ve all used them, we all know them and we all a palette of them for any situation. So what’s the best excuse to give for not playing a video-game? I gave this some thought while failing my recent Podcast challenge, so hit the jump for my tale of procrastination and distractions.

Sonic: After the Sequel

A little background first: a few weeks ago I was challenged by Delano (bane of the Fick Brothers) to play the Sonic: Before the Sequel and Sonic: After the Sequel. The requirements were that I finish After the Sequel, and play Before the Sequel enough to generate an opinion. Then write about it.

I did neither of those things. Failing means that the next time Delano challenges me, it would be both crushing and without mercy. Well Delano, it looks like you will have to properly do your worst, because for the first time in Podcast Challenge history we have a “DNS” (Did not start). And here’s why:

5: I hate Sonic games

Yeah, I said it. One of gaming’s biggest icons, and I can’t stand the games. I’ve never liked them, not for the music (apparently awesome), nor the levels (supposedly pretty good) or the speed (I hear you’ve “Gotta go fast!”). When I was getting into gaming, I started on PS1. That’s where my nostalgia lies, and naturally I didn’t grow up playing Sonic.

It says: "Fun is infinite", in case you were wondering
It says: “Fun is infinite”, in case you were wondering

So when Delano challenged me to play Sonic remakes, the first thing that ran through my head was: “Can/should I gnaw off my thumbs to get out of this?” The answer was no, because I still want to play Kingdom Hearts 3. I would play a really bad game for ironic, or academic, reasons. But convincing myself to play a fan-made game about a series I really don’t like took convincing that I simply wasn’t born with. Don’t let that stop you though, I hear the games are quite good, if Sonic is your thing.

4: I was playing PS4

Damn, I am a terrible person. You were right Chris, tell Rick to pay up. Anyway, working here on Airship NAG means that I play games and write about them for a living. But that also means I need to make time to play games for fun. I am also a terrible procrastinator, and anything I mentally label as “work” is going way, way down on my priorities queue. So when the time came to play Sonic for work, I found myself saying: “Eh, just one more Destiny patrol mission.”

It's fun. Don't knock it til you try it.
It’s fun. Don’t knock it til you try it.

See, my brother and I got a PS4 recently (finally) and it has, of course, replaced all forms of entertainment in the house. The fact that I’m writing this now and not playing Shadow of Mordor is entirely because somebody else beat me to it. But, they have to sleep eventually…

3: University Stuff

OK, Ok, this one is actually a super-serious and legitimate reason. When Delano challenged me, I was in the middle of writing a Creative Writing portfolio. I’m currently studying creative writing (but am under NO illusions about its usefulness) and instead of exams I had to write short stories and a screenplay.

If I Kickstart the movie, I'll let you all know
If I Kickstart the movie, I’ll let you all know

The final portfolio was 57 pages long, and required hours and hours of work. I have literally polished my space-bar key to a mirror shine from all the times I’ve hammered it. Also, have you ever written a screenplay? It’s tough, and work intensive. I also had no idea how to do it, so I downloaded a copy of The Dark Knight‘s screenplay and studied that. It gave me great pointers about the language used, as well as cinematic trends. And lets be honest, if a Nolan script can’t teach you how to write a movie, nothing can.

2: I was watching Sherlock

Dammit Matthew, there goes all the good will from entry three! I go from a super-valid entry to this, the very epitome of procrastination. Seriously, there is no defence for this excuse. There are nine episodes of Sherlock, each is 90ish minutes long, and I watched them all. To those following at home, that’s 13.5ish hours spent on a couch watching images. That’s also 13.5ish hours spent NOT playing Sonic. So yeah, no defence.

The game is afoot! But not Sonic
The game is afoot! But not Sonic

In my defence, Sherlock is a terrific series.

1: Super-secret NAG project

Here we go, another valid reason. The past few days have been spent working on a really, really cool thing for the December edition of NAG. I would tell you more, except I wouldn’t. Because it’s really cool, totally worth the wait, and has nothing to do with the Danish Mafia (that’s the only clue I’m giving you).

It's awesome, but still a secret
It’s awesome, but still a secret

It goes without saying, of course, that you should really pick up the next issue of NAG.


And that’s that, why I couldn’t bring myself to play and write about a game. Of course, this means I’ve failed the Podcast challenge and am joining Wesley on the shelf of “Podcast Challenge” failures. Luckily I won’t have to wear the hat of shame, and at hopefully my next opponent fails harder than I did. Be sure to tune in to hear who will suffer next!