Legacy of the Void gets new trailer and units


BlizzCon took place this last weekend and with it a ton of new information, trailers and reveals flooded the Internet. The final chapter in the StarCraft II trilogy is on its way, so Blizzard took the time to update RTS junkies on what to expect, and provided a new campaign story trailer as well.

For a start, there are a number of units from previous StarCraft games that are making a return in Legacy of the Void. There are also some new ones joining the roster. The Zerg are getting a Ravager that can spit bile to corrode through Protoss force fields; the Lurker is making a return.

HERCs and Cyclones will bolster the Terran ranks, with the former proving useful at squashing zerglings and banelings. Cyclones will have a lock-on ability which Blizzard cautions will require some skill and micromanagement to pull off.

Finally, the Protoss will be getting a splash-damage unit called the Disruptor. We’re guessing it fills roles similar to the Terran’s Siege Tanks, and the Zerg’s Lurkers.

Finally, Blizzard announced that this Protoss-themed final chapter will not require any previous versions of StarCraft II in order to run; it’s a standalone game and not an expansion. Furthermore, there are two new game modes coming to cater towards those who enjoy co-operative multiplayer. In Archon Mode you and a buddy will be able to share control of a single Protoss base; and in Allied Commanders mode, you and a friend will take control of different commanders on the battlefield in order to fulfil specific mission parameters.

Unfortunately no release date accompanied these BlizzCon 2014 announcements. You can, however, check out the latest trailer for Legacy of the Void below. Also, detailed info for Legacy of the Void: Multiplayer, and Legacy of the Void: Campaign. Oh, and an epic new website with loads of stuff.