The Game Awards 2014 debuts on 5 December


For the last couple of years, American channel Spike TV has aired the Video Game Awards, which was rebranded to the VGX awards last year. Those shows were spearheaded by Geoff Keighley, but it looks like he’s branched out on his own.

Keighley has just announced The Game Awards 2014 – an entirely new awards show that will take place in Las Vegas on 5 December. Keighley is the producer of the show, which means he gets to call the shots as to how the show plays out. In other words: there’s no Spike TV (and by extension, parent company Viacom) influencing proceedings. So for those who might have found the previous shows a little hammy, maybe this one will feel more representative of the gaming masses considering it’s being run by gaming professionals instead?

What’s more, Keighley has enlisted the aid of an advisory board made up of the gaming industry’s heavy hitters: Peter Moore (COO of EA), Hideo Kojima (creator of Metal Gear Solid), Phil Spencer (Head of Xbox), Reggie Fils-Aime (president and COO of Nintendo of America), Shawn Layden (CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America), and Yves Guillemot (CEO and co-founder of Ubisoft) are all on this advisory board. What’s more, Rockstar Games and Valve are also on board.

“After spending over two decades working in games media,” Keighley said via a statement, “this year I’m creating a new independent celebration for our industry. Starting out on a new path is never easy, but I’m deeply humbled to have the entire game industry rally behind this new celebration.”

Keighley is positioning The Game Awards as an awards show for people who play and love video games. While rival companies will be present, the emphasis is on celebrating video games and not on bolstering the inherent competitive nature that permeates the companies behind them. Of course, there will still be big game reveals (previous VGA/VGX shows were where games like Skyrim and No Man’s Sky were debuted) throughout the awards, so expect a certain amount of publisher showboating. Then don’t forget that Keighley himself teased (about a month ago) that he was meeting with Bethesda’s PR team – here’s hoping that was to plan for the unveiling of Fallout 4, which will (hopefully!) happen during The Game Awards.

The good news is that the show will be streamed live across many different platforms. You’ll be able to watch it on your console (PS3, PS4, 360 or XBO) or your PC. You can even watch it on your phone if you’re desperate to make local cell phone companies very happy with your data bill.

Now for the catch: the show takes place at 9PM eastern time on Friday 5 December. That means if you want to watch this live, you’ll need to wake up at 4AM on Saturday 6 December. Rise and shine, nerds!

Source: The Game Awards
Via: Kotaku