Watch this: A launch trailer for GTA V


No, no… don’t you fret your pretty little geek head – this isn’t an ancient trailer for the original GTA V. Nope, this is the launch trailer for the shiny new “next-gen” version of Rockstar’s seminal work. So for those of you who held out for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One version, then this is for you. If you’re holding out for the PC version (which comes out next year because Rockstar just loves keeping the GMR waiting) then this isn’t for you. Unless of course you’re a card-carrying member of the GMR and you want to watch the next-gen trailer just so you can point out how your PC version will be better because of resolutions and framerates and other such PC-centric thingies.

Have at it!

And by that I mean hit the jump to see just how much better the game is looking, or to see just how much better it’s going to look on PC. Am I bating here? I feel like I’m bating here.