Here are AC Unity’s microtransactions


Back in August it came to light that Ubisoft was planning to implement microtransactions into Assassin’s Creed Unity. This probably wasn’t much of a surprise considering Unity’s predecessor, Black Flag, also offered microtransactions: players could fast-track their ship upgrades and locate hidden items on the map if they paid real-world money to do so.

Unity is following suit, offering players a way to fast-track their character development via equipment unlocks if they pay real-world money. Taking a leaf out of Microsoft’s old MS Points book (and nearly every single iTunes in-app purchase mechanic), players need to purchase bundles of in-game currency known as “Helix Credits”. Bundles range in pricing from $19.99 (about R225) for 1, 400 Helix Credits, to $99.99 (R1, 120) for 20, 000 Helix Credits.

Helix Credits are meant to help your character “hack” the animus in order to unlock gear faster. Alternatively you can just, you know, play the game to unlock the same stuff at the intended pace. Assassin’s Creed Unity is out in South Africa tomorrow, 13 November.

Source: Polygon