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Welcome to the fifteenth episode of the NAG Online Podcast! This is the first podcast that I’m recording and editing on my netbook and MAN… I’m amazed at how anyone gets any serious work done on these things. Maybe I need more memory or a SSD or something.

NAG Online Podcast Overview:

Episode 15, recorded on 12 November 2014.

Hosts: Wesley Fick, Matthew Fick

From HQ: Geoff Burrows

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Wesley Fick: @wesley_fick

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Geoff Burrows: @geometrix_za

00:20 Introduction of Geoff


04:00 Win! A ridiculous amount of games

Stuff Happening In Gaming:

08:40  Reviews for AC: Unity are in, but what’s with these low scores? Is this what collaboration with seven studios ends in? Is it backlash for Ubisoft delaying lifting of embargoes for half a day on launch day? Why do people pre-order games, again?

16:40 On a related note, how far away are we from seeing Ubisoft go all-in with Uplay?

24:25 I don’t know how they did it but DA: Inquisition has incredible scores!

30:30 Telltale finally details their Game of Thrones game

Stuff Happening in Tech:

35:55 System Builders Guide: November R3000 to R9000

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