Giblets: Firefox New Tab ads are now a thing

If you’re a loyal Firefox user used to not having adverts stuck all over the internet, you might get annoyed during the course of this next week. The (arguably) best browser on the internet is now selling ad space inside the New Tab page. Mozilla announced their plans back in February 2014 to use the free space inside the New Tab page for advertising, as their user data indicated that most people don’t use it for actually storing quick-links to oft-visited websites. The adverts won’t be intrusive, are only going to be static images with links to product pages and Mozilla’s first partners are CVS Health, Mindshare North America and

Turning off the adverts is simple – click on the gear icon in the New Tab page and select from “Enhanced” (with adverts), “Classic” (without adverts) and “Blank” for a completely blank New Tab page.

Source: Mozilla Blog

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