Sweden planning to label games based on gender equality


In case you haven’t realised, gender equality is becoming (or is already?) a big issue in the gaming industry. Some countries like to be ahead of the pack insofar as social reform is concerned, and no other country does that quite as tenaciously as Sweden. Case in point: they’re considering labelling games that promote gender equality either through female portrayals or themes. So we’d imagine that alongside the game’s PEGI rating, there’ll be another logo of sorts indicating how good the game is insofar as female representation is concerned.

Sweden’s gaming industry trade organisation, Dataspelsbranchen, has been given the go-ahead from Swedish government to begin looking into a system that could promote gender equality in game development. They’ve been awarded almost R500, 000 in government grants to get the ball rolling. It will only apply to games developed in Sweden, but you’ll be surprised by how many games come out of (and are still coming out of) the country. It’s a lot.

At present, Dataspelsbranchen is still ironing out the finer details and it still isn’t guaranteed that this will happen. Labelling Swedish games as promoting gender equality is one option; an alternate option is certifying Swedish game development projects so that those developers and publishers can use that certification in the game’s marketing.

Source: The Local