WIN: A hamper full of Far Cry 4 doodads


Far Cry 4 is out today! Isn’t that just the nicest of all Tuesdays? To celebrate the occasion, those awesome folks at Megarom have generously gifted us AN ARMY OF SPACE ELEPHANTS WITH WHICH TO RAMPAGE ACROSS THE UNIVERSE IN SEARCH OF DELICIOUS LUNCH.

Wait, I think I’ve misread this email… wait, yes, it’s actually a bag o’ Far Cry 4 thingies we’ve been given to offer you the chance to win. That’s mildly disappointing, because Space Elephants. Also, delicious lunch. But! It’s still pretty wonderful, because Far Cry 4.

Climb that link-ladder for more info.

[This competition is now closed and a winner has been selected]

As you’ve hopefully gathered by now, we’ve got a lovely Far Cry 4 hamper up for grabs, containing such wondrous items as a lighter, badge, pen, key ring, carabina, T-shirt and sleeveless jacket. Also, a Pagan Min wig! Naturally, the hamper will also contain a copy of the game, on the platform of your choice.

If this makes you more excited than a tiger in a sausage factory, leave us a comment below to gain yourself an entry in the competition. Please let us know your preferred platform. You’ll find images of some of the hamper’s contents below. Good luck, fine peoples!