10 minutes of Mordheim gameplay goodness


Mordheim is a setting I have some fondness for; a variant of Games Workshop’s fantasy tabletop war game Warhammer, the game focuses on building and maintaining a unique squad of heroes aiming to collect the precious Wyrdstone strewn throughout the accursed city of Mordheim.

Mordheim‘s appeal is that it dealt with combat on a smaller scale with groups of units who could be individually developed and customised over multiple missions and campaigns in a manner similar to XCOM. Actions and consequences in each engagement carrying over to the next, and with a host of races to choose from (I was always partial to the slow but sturdy Dwarvish warband), the game always had some dramatic moments.

Rogue Factor and Focus Interactive have been working on a computer version of the game entitled Mordheim: City of the Damned for a while now and in anticipation for its expected release on Steam Early Access this month, have released a 10-minute multiplayer gameplay trailer for your enjoyment. I’m a bit perturbed by some of the changes to the system (considering Focus Interactive’s Bloodbowl franchise was in many ways a really faithful recreation), but nevertheless it looks set to scratch that turn-based itch.

Hit the jump for the video, and check out the official announcement for more details on the game and what’s included in the Early Access version.

Source: Mordheim: City of the Damned