Far Cry 4 has a little surprise for pirates


This is rapidly becoming the norm for PC game releases: developers removing features or adding in nasty traps that trigger the moment the game is cracked and pirated. It’s been used by EA and Maxis in The Sims 4, and rather famously in Serious Sam 3’s immortal red scorpion enemy.

Now it’s Ubisoft’s turn to add to the increasing collection of pirate traps. A number of PC players have hopped online to vent frustration at the fact that the game lacks an FOV (field of vision) slider. The game’s creative director, Alex Hutchinson, sent out a tweet to tell people what was up with that.

Well, that’s awkward. The PC version of the game does actually have an FOV slider, if that’s your thing.

Sticking with Far Cry 4 news: the game released on Tuesday this week and had two day one patches waiting for those who picked it up. Sadly, those patches didn’t fix the game, and PC players are reporting crashes to desktop and terrible frame rates even with cards as powerful as a GTX 980. Meanwhile, PlayStation 3 players are experiencing data corruption and prompts to delete the game and start again.

Ubisoft has said that they’re aware of these issues and are working on fixes.

Via: Joystiq & Polygon