NAG Online Podcast Episode 16

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Welcome to the sixteenth edition of the NAG Online Podcast! In this episode we’re joined by Geoff Burrows and Mark Del and we have an array of topics to discuss this week, from Ubisoft’s shenanigans (again!) to how GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One changes things significantly, to how you shouldn’t trust this one dude in a Russian forum who claims to know something that probably isn’t a thing and people freak out because, “HEY! People lie on the internet? Impossibru!” Also, We learn that Geoff knows a lot about makeup. Join us!

NAG Online Podcast Overview:

Episode 16, recorded on 12 November 2014

Hosts: Wesley Fick, Mark Del

From HQ: Geoff Burrows

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0:38 WIN: A hamper full of Far Cry 4 doodads

Stuff Happening In Gaming:

3:03 GTA V launched this past week on PS4 and Xbone

6:40 4 Reasons 2014 Was A Terrible Year For Gaming

19:29 Hey, Watch Dogs on the Wii U finally launched! Does  anyone care?

24:35 In Wake of Assassin’s Creed Unity Issues, Ubisoft Changing Policies

Stuff Happening in Tech:

33:50 As a warning: Don’t install games with Denuvo DRM on your SSDs. BTW, this totally isn’t a thing.

34:15 Apple Disables Trim Support On 3rd Party SSDs


39:20 Goat Simulator content update will be a MMO Online Simulator