Yesterday we wrote about a Kickstarter project that aimed to hook an FPS up to a blood collection unit. The premise was that when you get shot in the game, the machine draws some blood from a needled jabbed into your vein. The whole idea was to get people to play a competitive FPS and donate blood at the same time.

Unfortunately, Kickstarter has suspended the campaign. The reasons behind the suspension aren’t very clear as Kickstarter has refused to comment on the matter. Even the project’s creators are a little stumped: “We’re currently suspended and looking into the reason,” the two said in a comment on the campaign page. “Stay tuned, and make sure to start training for Blood Sport by donating some blood down at the clinic while we figure this out!”

It is possible that the campaign was suspended due to a lack of physical products offered to backers. It’s also possible that the project was suspended because it was built off blood donation units, which the team behind Blood Sport did not actually make. Kickstarter is quite strict that new products not be based off existing materials owned by another company. We’ll likely find out why this was suspended in the coming days and will keep you updated.

Source: CNET
Via: Polygon

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