NAG Magazine: December 2014 issue


UPDATE: Due to unfortunate circumstances, NAG will be arriving later than expected in Windhoek. Our Windhoek readers can expect to get their hands on the December issue on the 8th of December. Apologies for that!

Full disclosure: I’m writing this post partially blind. I spent the weekend playing Mortal Kombat 9 in preparation for Mortal Kombat X, and during a particularly rambunctious celebration dance (because defeating Shao Kahn ain’t easy, yo), I may or may not have jammed an excited finger directly into my eyeball. Ouchie. I’m now 5% cyborg, because I’m forced to wear a metal eye patch. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.

Okay, so most of that was a blatant lie. Not the being blind bit, but the finger-to-the-eyeball bit. And the bit where I played Mortal Kombat all weekend, because sadly I did not do that. But I truly am partly blind right now, so if this post is all over the place, I apologise in advance. Don’t blame me. Blame my optometrist.

Anyway, sweet mother of wrapped gifties it’s December! And December means Christmas! And nothing screams Christmas quite like being slow-roasted in the hellfire of an angry yellow skele-ninja who’s probably only angry because all the presents he got from Sub-Zero last year sucked, big time. Ice ice, baby.

With all that said, you’ve probably realised by now that our cover game this month is none other than the ferociously gory Mortal Kombat X. After seeing how much of a crowd-pleaser the game was at rAge 2014 (and after giving it a spin ourselves), we knew we had to have it on our cover. It’s really looking quite good. Horrible, obviously – but good.

We’ve gone overclocking mad this month, drunk on the highs that only liquid nitrogen can deliver. Resident hardware superstar Neo Sibeko had crowds mesmerised when he showcased the fun times to be had with hardware overclocking at rAge this year, while his evil twin Neo Sibeko attended MSI’s Master Overclocking Arena in Taipei, Taiwan to report on how the world’s best do it.


Then, if you’re beginning to panic because Christmas is drawing ever closer and yet you still can’t decide what to buy, what to buy for your nerdy girlfriend / boyfriend / sibling / parent / grandparent / long-lost family member / oddly intellectual puppy, then you should definitely check out our Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers. We’ve jam-packed it full of awesome things to consider buying for your favourite people this holiday season, and if you’re your only favourite person, then perhaps you’ll find something to buy for yourself instead. Either way, everybody wins! Except Tom. That guy’s an ass.

This month, we have no previews (beyond Mortal Kombat X, of course). But we have crammed as many reviews as we could fit into our December issue. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare does things with jetpacks that should never be spoken of in polite company. Civilization: Beyond Earth takes to the skies and beyond, but forgets to pack a warm pair of socks for those long, cold space-nights. Dungeon of the Endless is a roguelike that’s dropped its keys down a sewer grate, and attempts to find them in the most outrageous ways. Sunset Overdrive is open-world action laced with cocaine-powered weaponry and a splash of mutation. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is Halo: The Master Chief CollectionFIFA 15 kicks the wrong ball into a net made of cheese string. Bayonetta 2 is hairier than that one guy you know who’s really, really hairy. The Evil Within told a joke at a party once, and the only person who laughed was Creepy Uncle Eddie. Tough crowd.


Hardware is comprised of the usual assortment of silicon and sexiness. CPU coolers go head to head in our Versus feature. We take the new Disney Infinity 2.0 starter pack for a spin and find out what all the fuss is about with the CloudGate Android PC. Headphones, motherboards, notebooks and even a nifty lightning protection system are all put to the test.

There’s all that and more in the December issue of NAG. Head over to Zinio if you’d prefer your paper a little more digital. Check out that smexy cover below, and the contents page further below that.

And just in case you’re reading this on the 25th of December: MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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