The hardest part of Dragon Age: Inquisition


I’ve been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition for a few days now and I have a confession to make. I’m stuck.

I can’t get past Haven.

Because I keep restarting the game to design a new character.

First I wanted to make my traditional favourite Dragon Age character: an Elf rogue. As much as I tried and tried and tried to make her look like a little Celtic warrior maiden, she’d just come out looking… wrong. Oversized lips, weird cheekbones and jawlines, and tattoo colours that felt like a good idea in theory and never seemed to turn out to be a good idea in practice. So I decided to try out the new playable race, the Qunari.

I managed to design a character who reminded me strongly of Maleficent, so, finally happy with my looks, I was good to go. Of course, a few minutes into the game I realized how much a Qunari rogue felt like a silly choice, especially when my character looks like she really should be carrying a staff, so I had to go back and create a mage. With this character, I got quite far – all the way to Haven.

That’s when her lips started to really bother me.da_inquisition_char_creator_screen

See, Maleficent has dark red lips. It’s one of her more striking features. The addition of lipstick to my character would make me 100% happy with her, while the lack of it promised to bug me for the rest of the game. And I had only just started the game so I decided I could still make changes without losing too much time…

The problem with the next character is I accidentally typed in the wrong name.

The one after that, I made her eyes too big.

After that, the lips weren’t dark enough. And then the green eye shadow I gave her was too bright.

By my 10th redesign, I realized I had a problem.

So I tried. I really tried hard to stick to the character I had created.

This morning, I opened the game, stared at my character, and realized I don’t like her.

I think I need help.