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Hello once again NAGuxins and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. This time around we have a Witcher game that isn’t what you think, Destiny has something to say about day one reviews, and Valve want to take all of your monies. Then DayZ gets a release date – sort of – and it’s surely not what you were hoping for, Game of Thrones gets a real release date, Hideo Kojima has an MGS announcement and Gamespot discover a Far Cry easter egg. Plus all the usual videos, highlights and unsolicited opinon.

Console/Other News

Did someone say Steam Sale? I did. I said Steam Sale, along with the rest of the internet. Despite my advising you to do otherwise, I’m sure most of you have indeed not uninstalled Steam, and I’m journalistically compelled to tell you that the discounts are totally on.

Kicking off this week and continuing through to early December, some of the price slashes include 66 percent off The Evil Within and 75 percent off the acclaimed indie Don’t Starve.

Go on then, open up Steam and go wild, but don’t come crying to me when you can’t afford toilet paper next month.

The stuff nightmares are made of.
The stuff nightmares are made of.

A big point of contention in the news recently has been game reviews – specifically, publishers holding off reviews until after pre-orders have been fulfilled and day one buyers have had time to make regretful decisions.

But according to Destiny dev Bungie COO Pete Parsons, game reviews as we know them may no longer be viable.

“It is true there are a lot of those people who were skeptical that are still playing it now. I think it’s very difficult to–as we see games like Destiny coming out–it’s very difficult to sit down for nine hours, 11 hours, and write up a review of a game like Destiny, right?”

“If I were a reviewer it seems like a nearly impossible challenge to do because there’s just no way you can experience… you barely experience sort of the campaign side of it and just PvP and no way you can get into all of the end-game activities,” he added. “And so it really asks a great question which is ‘how are games like Destiny going to be reviewed in the future?'”

I don’t know, sounds to me like someone is a little salty because their game got mediocre reviews. Is it hard to give a full, complete picture of the Destiny experience in a ten hour playthrough? Maybe. But I will say this – it’s good enough. Good enough for the gameplay, the graphics, the story, the general user experience and a very decent overall impression.

And isn’t that really what we want from a review? We don’t need reviews to make up our minds for us about whether a game is good, but we want them to know what we should be expecting, and make an informed purchase decision from that. Destiny got average reviews because it is, by most accounts, a somewhat average game.

Moving on to non-average games, The Witcher 2 blew everyone away with it’s pure, polished RPG experience and now gamers the world over are frothing at the mouth for the next instalment.

We’ll have to wait a bit for that, but in the meantime fans can have a crack at The Witcher Adventure Game, a digital and physical board game based on the Witcher universe. But is it any good? See for yourself.

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Gaming News

Hey, remember DayZ? Perhaps you’re one of the poor sods who bought it on Early Access, only to have it receive an update every 20-30 years or so.

Well good news, they’ve finally announced a release date… 2016. But hey, Bohemia promises it’ll be the first half of 2016, so there is that. Well, promise is a strong word, actually.

They’ve also released a schedule of goals, with such highlights as “basic vehicles” in Q1 next year, and “player stamina” in Q2.

This, to me, is utter bullshit. This is everything wrong with Early Access games. I have absolutely zero doubt in my mind that had this game not gotten the Early Access treatment, it never would have taken this long to develop.

I’ll be honest – DayZ is not a particular impressive game. It’s a standalone remake of a mod for an extremely old game, and for them to have taken this long and now to announce a final release date 18 months in the future? Gross. I will never support Early Access exactly for this reason.

A more manageable release date is Telltale Games’ Game of Thrones series, which will have its episode available on December 2, the developer announced this week.

The game follows the story of the five members of House Forrester, as they struggle to survive in the chaos of the War of the Five Kings.

If Telltale’s previous work is anything to go by, this one should be a real corker for any fan of the books/series – and even for those who aren’t.


The online component of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain will be shown off for the first time next month during The Video Game Awards 2014.

The news comes via the event’s producer, Geoff Keighley, without much word Mr Kojima himself yet, who will reportedly be handling the debut.

The last we saw of Metal Gear Solid Online was the standalone PSN package which went away back in 2012.

MGS isn’t traditionally known for its multiplayer component, so I’m wondering – is this a big draw, or a nice little bonus? What say you, NAG reader?

We finish things off this week with yet another Far Cry 4 ending. Early on in the release there was an alternate ending revealed where you can simply wait fifteen minutes or so at the beginning of the game and end things immediately.

As it turns out, this was just one of many hidden endings, and Gamespot have outed another this week.

Creative director Alex Hutchinson acknowledged that this was indeed a hidden ending, he baited the internet by adding “they didn’t find the super secret alternate ending that requires you to make a snap decision and creates a whole new mini-location…”

So NAG readers, the challenge is on. In the meantime, check out this ending (spoilers, obviously):

Sources: Eurogamer, PC Gamer, IGN, Gamespot


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare caused a bit of a stink with the announcement that the much-loved zombies mode would be a DLC download. Feel like a money grab? Sure, but possibly an effective one. See If you can be swayed by this video.

Speaking of DLC, Bungie has their first Destiny expansion set for a December 9 release. Titled The Dark Below, the expansion brings with it a new raid, three new story missions, one new strike, new guns and armor, three new Crucible maps and a new level cap of 32. Check out some of the sweet loot.

Telltale Games has a lot in the works right now, but the first instalment of their Tales from the Borderlands series dropped just this week – check out the launch trailer.

Finally, let’s have a look at a new Batman: Arkham Knight video; a look at some of the gameplay in the final instalment of Rocksteady’s epic trilogy.

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