Advent of Indies calendar promises daily delights


Looks like NAG Online aren’t the only ones engaging in the commercial charitable act of daily gifts; indie developers Rat King of TRI: Of Friendship and Madness have done a bit of organising with their compatriots to put together an advent calendar for indies. Advent calendars are a Yuletide tradition where each day that is marked off counting down to the 24th is accompanied by some sort of savoury treat, something they’ve decided to emulate.

If you head over to the Advent of Indies site, you can pick up your first free gift: the soundtrack from sleeper hit Endless Legend by Amplitude Studios and a chance to win Dungeon of the Endless. More gifts will become available as the days crawl inexorably towards Gift Obtainment Day, so you should keep an eye on it. After you’ve checked in with us, of course.

Source: Destructoid

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