Xbox Japan boss resigns due to poor sales


Japan has always proved a tough nut for Microsoft to crack. The Xbox 360 didn’t sell as well as the company had hoped, and the Xbox One is doing even worse. Now, in what is likely a response to the abysmal sales figures coming out of Japan, Xbox Japan boss Takashi Sensui has resigned from his post. He remains with the company, but is being moved to Microsoft’s US headquarters instead.

The Xbox One sales have now all but ground to a halt, with the console selling less than 800 units a few weeks back. Within the first four days of its launch, the Xbox One sold 23, 562 units. For comparison, the Xbox 360 sold close to 50, 000 in half that time.

To date, Microsoft has now sold 38, 461 Xbox One consoles in Japan since its September 2014 launch. In the West, the Xbox One continues to improve its sales figure largely thanks to the new bundle that ships without Kinect, and a suite of holiday special bundles.

Source: Eurogamer