24 Days of Giving: day 3


On this – THE THIRD DAY – the plan is to give you a little bit of EVERYTHING.

If you love the words “gaming paraphernalia”, you’re going to want to see this.

The fine people at BT Games have given us an enormous hamper packed with 25 thingamajigs themed around various awesome games. There are caps, mini-wallets, mouse pads and more to be had within.

Here, have a mega-list, as detailed by BT Games themselves!

1. SteelSeries Call of Duty: Black Ops II mouse mat
2. Evolve T-shirt
3. Call of Duty: AW T-shirt
4. Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag T-shirt
5. Rugby 15 T-shirt
6. Grand Theft Auto V T-shirt
7. Watch Dogs T-shirt
8. Borderlands Claptrap T-shirt
9. Don Bradman Cricket steel tin
10. Castlevania steel tin
11. The Division cap
12. The Crew cap
13. SteelSeries The Sims 4 mouse pad
14. Civilization: Beyond Earth passport cover
15. The Evil Within blood-splattered photo set
16. Skylanders Giants Hex character
17. Professor Layton mini wallet
18. The Evil Within lanyard
19. Wolfenstein lanyard
20. Far Cry 4 carabiner clip
21. Super Smash Bros. dog tags
22. Fantasy Life magnet sheet
23. Pokeball
24. Yoshi’s New Island game cartridge holder
25. Assassin’s Creed key ring

If you’d like the chance to win that glorious collection of things, leave a comment below! Afterwards, be sure to visit BT Games’ website, or check out their digital downloads portal.